A collection of deep Sky images from 2020

M45 The Pleiades AKA The seven sisters

This image was taken in December 2020 with my Tak FSQ85 and SXVR M25c CCD camera. it consists of approx 3 hours of 3 minute subs, plus 20 darks, flats and bias frames. Unguided on my EQ8 pro mount. Image was stacked and  processed in APP and a few adjustments in the new superb Affinity Plus software.

Barnard 33 Horsehead Nebula

Image taken with my TakFSQ85 but with a heavy crop. With my SXVR M25c CCD camera, 2.5 hours of 3 min unguided subs, 20 darks, flats and bias frames, on my EQ8 pro mount. I used a new Baader LP filter with this one, just to give it a try, seemed to work very well.

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